01 - It Must Be Fate, Peters Legacy

It Must be Fate | 05.5 | Snippets

The following takes place over the course of 2 years.

November 2012

Coming back home feels so weird….

Thanksgiving 2012

Christmas 2012

Chilling with her new niece while the “real” adults have wine.

January 2013

Courtney started at community college.

May 2013

Of course she went back to Sims U to watch half her squad graduate!

She even ran into Oliver! He’s headed to Goth, his dream school, for his PhD!

March 2014

Her letter from Goth University sat unopened for two days before her mother saw it and demanded she open it.

She was nervous; Goth was a top-tier university, world-renowned for its scholarship and prestige. And it was a small letter. She’d heard that you were denied admission unless you got a big packet in the mail.

“Ms. Peters,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Goth University!”

Oh my god…

“I got in! I’m going to Goth! Holy shit, I’m going to Goth!!!”

A/N: This short chapter is meant to sort of connect some dots between chapters 5 & 6. Some of these were originally supposed to be written scenes, but I decided to let the images tell the story in most cases!

Of course, since this was a short chapter, expect a regular-sized chapter to be posted quite soon! 😀

Also, this is the first peek we get at Courntey’s family, so I’ll name them here: Carson, her older brother, Lily, her sister-in-law, Katherine, her sister, and Frankie, her sister’s fiance. We’ll meet them for real in about a year (story time)! 😉

16 thoughts on “It Must be Fate | 05.5 | Snippets”

  1. The pictures are a true delight to look at, especially the deep orange! I am so happy that Courtney got in! So she will be with Oliver again now? That’s great! Aand I caught up, yay! Going to add you to my blogroll page.


      1. Oh, btw, it’s not just making it appear in your profile, you have to go into account settings and set the site as your primary one. Just saying in case you hadn’t already done that.


  2. I have to say, (and I noticed this particularly in the last chapter too) your poses are ON POINT. We may have to trade notes >:)
    Yes girl, go to Goth, and run into Oliver again, and make beautiful children.


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